RMU V2.0 (NON-DL customer)

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This is a dual band radio module in the 30mW class for our UP4DAR board.

The RMU (Radio module for UP4DAR) extends the capability of the UP4DAR by providing of transmitting and receiving functionality in stand alone operation (without having of a classical UKW FM transceivers with huge power consumption).

The RMU is mounted on the 2x5 connector in the upper right corner of the PCB. In case of a device without housing we recommend the ordering with a normal SMA-connector, which is soldered on the RMU-board directly. In case of housing a SMA jack with short cable is used, which is mounted on the right side of the housing. Per default the RMU will be equipped with the SMA jack with short cable. If the PCB mounted SMA connector is desired, please give this in the comment line by ordering!

We recommend for the mechanical and electrical installation of the RMU to book our „RMU Build-in service“. This package can be booked by the ordering of RMU!



Technical Data



Frequency range: 137MHz to 160MHz
410MHz to 480MHz
RF Power: 30mW
Suppression of 1st harmonics: better than 60dB (In amateur bands only!)
Sensitivity: -120dBm
Voltage: 3.3V
power consumption (TX): 70cm => 80mA, 2m => 92mA
power consumption (RX): 30mA




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