SKM55 (NON-DL customer)

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This is a very sensitive GPS mouse with a serial connection for NON-DL customer. This article contains the costs for standard shipping outside of Germany.

This mouse is a very sensitive navigation device with a serial interface according to RS232. The cable which is approx. 3m is terminated by a male DSUB9 connector, that is perfectly matches to our UP4DAR-BOARD!

After the power on the default communication speed is 4800Baud. The mouse can be configured for many NMEA messages. However the default set is as follow:

With a simple adapter this mouse can be connected to many amateur radio transceivers (e.g. ID-31, ID-E880, etc....)

Pin out

2 = RXD
3 = TXD
5 = GND
9 = 3.3V – 5.0V

The data sheet for SKM55 can be found in our Download area.

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